Technical Specifications

The basic General Dynamics prototype XM-966 HMMWV has a lightweight aluminum body on a proven chassis with full-time four-wheel drive, independent front wheel suspension, and a solid rear axle. The drive train combines a North American Deutz 160-hp air-cooled diesel engine with an automatic transmission and two-speed transfer case. Survivability features include a roll cage, run-flat tires, and an explosion-proof fuel tank kit. Crew accommodations include three seats across the front plus a fourth side-mounted jump seat in the cargo area. Each crew position is operable by the complete range of military personnel from the 5th percentile female to the 95th percentile male in arctic gear. All versions provide mounts and ample dedicated spaces for a wide range of GFE communications equipment.

The weapons carrier provides mounting for an unmodified GFE TOW system, and the armament kit includes a universal mount for the M60 (7.62mm) machine gun, the M2 (.50 cal) machine gun and the MK19 (40mm) grenade launcher. Mortar kits include provisions for transporting the 60mm, 81 mm, or the 4.2 inch mortars with standard ammunition loads.

Length, Overall  188.9 in.
Width 85.0 in.
Height 69.0 in.
Wheel Base 134.4 in.
Weight, Curb 4950.0 lbs
Payload 3600.0 lbs.
Body Aircraft Aluminum built by Sheller-Globe Truck
Ground clearance 13 in.
Angles of approach 60 degrees
Angles of departure 46 degrees
Type No. 2 diesel
Capacity 24 gallons useable
Electrical System
Voltage 24 VDC
Power 60 amp alternator
2-6TN batteries
Range Over 300 miles
Top Speed Over 75 mph
Acceleration 0-30 mph-5.6 sec.
0-50 mph-16.1 sec.
Braking 20 ft. from 20 mph
Run Flat Tires 30 miles at 30 mph

prototype specs

General Dynamics HMMWV Prototype TOW-dimensions


Responding to HMMWV mission requirements, the North American Deutz 610 AirDiesel will operate at full load, full throttle, all day, anywhere. From hot desert sands to freezing mountain terrain, AirDiesel power performs in all environments without compromise. Direct fuel injection and an advanced combustion system deliver required power for quick acceleration and superior fuel economy for extended vehicle operating range. Deutz AirDiesels typically get about 20% better fuel economy than liquid-cooled diesels, with none of the liquid-cooling componentry that accounts for 40% of all engine maintenance and downtime.

Designed and built in North America, the Deutz 610 AirDiesel is North American-sourced with over 50% U.S. vendor support. AirDiesel meets NATO cold start requirements, down to — 26’F, with no costly and trouble-some add-on systems.

Model Deutz F8L 610
Number of cylinders 8
Displacement 400 cu in (6.5L)
Brake HP 160 hp
Speed 3200 rpm
Compression ratio 18:01
Configuration 90° V
Bore 4.016 in
Stroke 3.937 in
Working Principle: Four stroke diesel with direct injection
Direction of rotation: Counter-clockwise
Cooling system: Integrated air cooling
Engine weight: (dry)
Including cooling system engine oil and transmission oil cooler. Excluding starter, flywheel and flywheel housing 775 lbs (352 kg)
Specific Weight 4.79 lbs/hp

KHD Deutz F8L 610 engine


The proven conventional commercial 4WD HMMWV drivetrain provides a versatile combination of gear ratios for all terrain and highway uses.

The Heavy Duty Chrysler A727 automatic TRANSMISSION provides 3 forward speeds with gear ratios of 1.00, 1.45 and 2.45. The rugged truck NP218 TRANSFER CASE supplies full-time 4-wheel drive with 2 ratios of 1.0 and 2.61. The Dyneer True-Trac front biasing DIFFERENTIAL, and the No-Spin rear axle locking unit have proven to be very effective tractive differentials with superior durability and minimum maintenance, which enhance off-road mobility while providing predictable handling.

The WHEELS feature run-flat devices, and allow a “get-home” capability with all 4 tires flat with minimal maintenance and easy installation.

Model Chrysler A727
Type Automatic
Speeds 3
Transfer Case
Model New Process 218
Type Full-time 4-wheel drive
Speeds 2
Type Hydraulic disc front,
hydraulic drum rear
Dual master cylinder
Power Assist Hydraulic
Parking Rear drums
Type 4-ply nylon
Size 36 x 12.5-16LT
37 x 12.5-18
Runflat Inserts 30 miles at 30 mph
Wheels Custom

runflat tire


The special “High Travel Low Rate” suspension system provides soft ride performance in on and off road while enhancing off road mobility.

Front Double A Frame, independent
Rear Trailing arm, solid axle
Shock Absorbers 4. Hydraulic
Front Dana 44 center section
Rear Dana 60 solid axle

front suspension

Conventional double “A” frame fully independent suspension with solid mounted Dana 44 axle.

rear suspension

Conventional Trailing arm with a solid Dana 60 axle and full floating hubs.