KHD Deutz F8L 610 AirDiesel Engine

KHD Deutz F8L 610.

The Deutz F8L 610 AirDiesel is a new breed of engine uniquely suited for military applications. Over eight years and tens of millions of dollars’ worth of research and development have gone into this engine. Designed to be operated in both military and commercial applications, engineers incorporated features into the basic Deutz 610 AirDiesel design which meet or exceed military specifications and performance standards.

KHD Canada Inc. is a subsidiary of Klackner­Humboldt-Deutz AG, a leading manufacturer of air-cooled engines for military and commercial applications. This combination of European and North American diesel technology has resulted in a lightweight, high performance diesel engine that performs to a standard of durability, reliability and low life-cycle cost unmatched by any other diesel.

The Deutz 610 AirDiesel will be manufactured in an advanced design facility near Montreal. These are North American-sourced engines, with over 50% U.S. vendor support.

The air-cooling advantage

All engine components, the integral engine oil cooler and the transmission fluid cooler are directly cooled by air. The elimination of the radiator and associated liquid-cooling compon­entry can save up to 40% in downtime.

The Deutz 610 AirDiesel is insensitive to extreme climatic conditions due to high differ­ential between ambient air and component temperature. The small frontal area of the cooling air intake provides increased protection from small weapons fire and the ingress of other foreign matter. In case of damage to the cooling system, the Deutz 610 AirDiesel is capable of operating at reduced output.

A heat-sensing, electronically activated blower in the air-cooling system allows for quicker warm-up periods and maintains consistent com­ponent and oil temperatures under all environ­ment and load conditions. The result is up to 20% better fuel economy (extended operating range) and higher accelerating torque than con­ventional diesels.

Power to weight ratio

Deutz AirDiesels have a worldwide reputation for their high power to weight ratio. The Deutz 610 AirDiesel has engine speed capability up to 3,600 rpm (3 600 min-1).

Cold start

The Deutz 610 AirDiesel features an exclusive electronically controlled cold start system that permits starts within 15 seconds at temperatures as low as —26°F (-32°C).

Design simplicity

The configuration of the Deutz 610 AirDiesel allows easy installation and minimum service and maintenance requirements. Pistons and cylinders can be changed individually, without removal of the engine from the vehicle.

The F8L 610 is the first available member of the Deutz 610 family of AirDiesels. It is an 8-cylinder, naturally aspirated 160 hp diesel. Future configurations include 4 and 6-cylinder naturally aspirated versions and an 8-cylinder turbocharged model generating 220 hp. The modular design of the Deutz 610 family means that most wearing parts are interchangeable and provides for minimal spare parts inventory.

Transmission adaptability

The Deutz 610 AirDiesel is adaptable to current and future transmissions designs, including automatic transmissions for gasoline engines.

Engine inclination

The Deutz 610 AirDiesel has been tested and approved for operation on 60% grade without special equipment.


Meets military requirements for fresh and salt water.


The Deutz 610 AirDiesel meets Environmental Protection Agency’s exhaust emission requirements.


The Deutz 610 AirDiesel has passed the NATO durability test with flying colors.

Field Testing

The Deutz 610 AirDiesel has logged over 150,000 miles of military contractor field testing.

KHD Deutz F8L 610 engine

KHD Deutz F8L 610 engine power

KHD Deutz F8L 610 brochure-1

KHD Deutz sales brochure for the F8L 610 engine


The performance requirements for the Army’s new high mobility vehicle are tough. They have to be. The HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) is a tactical 4 x 4 designed to perform under extreme conditions, without failure.

Responding to HMMWV mission requirements, the Deutz 610 AirDiesel will operate at full load, full throttle, all day, anywhere. From hot desert sands to freezing mountain terrain, AirDiesel power performs in all environments without compromise.

Direct fuel injection and an advanced combustion system deliver optimum power for quick acceleration and superior fuel economy for extended vehicle operating range. In commercial automotive applications, Deutz AirDiesels typically get about 20% better fuel economy than liquid-cooled diesels. Deutz power means high mobility for the HMMWV.

North American Advantage

Designed in and built for North America, the Deutz 610 AirDiesel will be manufactured in an advanced design facility near Montreal. These are North American-sourced engines, with over 50% U.S. vendor support. Deutz engines are backed by a worldwide service network covering 135 countries through thousands of outlets.

Lowest cost

The Deutz 610 AirDiesel has the lowest life-cycle cost of any proposed HMMWV powerplant. In operating costs alone, the AirDiesel saves 20% over all other engine options. Its 100,000-mile, 2-year warranty is more than eight times the stated coverage of the nearest competing engine.

Deutz AirDiesels are air-cooled, with none of the liquid-cooling componentry that accounts for 40% of all engine maintenance and downtime. A new breed of engine for unre­stricted application, the lightweight AirDiesel delivers long-term, uninter­rupted service.

First in field testing

Fulfilling all tactical mission requirements, the Deutz 610 AirDiesel
has logged over 150,000 miles of HMMWV contractor field testing. More than ten times that of any other engine. And, the AirDiesel meets NATO cold start requirements, down to -26°F, with no costly and troublesome add-on systems.

Six years ago we began incor­porating military program needs

into the basic 610 AirDiesel design. The result was the first engine in the HMMWV program to be NATO certi­fied. And that’s right off the production line. Avoiding any reliability risks inherent in off-line modifications.

To some, the performance of the Deutz 610 AirDiesel may seem extra­ordinary. But we’ve been pioneers in engine technology since we developed the first production combustion engine. 115 years ago.

Mission accomplished

The tests are tough. The standards are strict. But the Deutz powered HMMWV meets or exceeds them all.

General Dynamics HMMWV Prototype Deutz ad

This is a series of ads that KHD Deutz ran in English, French, and German defense magazines in September, 1982.


On September 14 Klöckner-­Humboldt•Deutz AG, of Cologne, West Germany, its operating subsidiary, KHD Canada. Inc and the Canadian Government made public plans for the Canadian manufacture of a gen­eration of lightweight, reliable durable and fuel efficient diesel engines for North American Class 2-7 trucks and other vehicles.

The Deutz 610 AirDiesel is the product of over 7 years and tens of millions of dollars worth of research and development jointly sponsored by KHD and the Canadian Government. From its drawing board origin, the Deutz 610 family of AirDiesels is designed to provide economical low-maintenance operation, parts interchangeability throughout a wide horse- power range, and considerable weight savings over other diesel engines. Its design and performance characteristics permit inter-changeability with gasoline engines on the assembly line. And at up to 220 hp and 3200 rpm, the Deutz V-8 610 Air Diesel is ideally suited for highway applications in which high speeds must be sustained.

The Deutz 610 AirDiesel project is truly an international development, made possible by the foresight and support of the Canadian Government combined with Deutz technology and the proven skills and creativity of engineers and technicians at KHD Canada, Inc. Selection of a Montreal area manufacturing site has been completed with production of the Deutz 610 Air Diesel scheduled for 1983, That’s two years away. But after all, KHD, in one way or another, has been working on this breakthrough for 117 years.

Montreal Gazette AirDiesel ad -complete

This is an ad that KHD/Deutz ran in the September 15th, 1981 edition of the Montreal Gazette for their new 610 AirDiesel to be used in the General Dynamics HMMWV’s. When the HMMWV contract was awarded to AM General, plans for the 610 AirDiesel were scrapped and it doesn’t appear that the engine ever went into production.